February 13, 2010

There's always next year!

I have been searching for that perfect "corny" Valentines Day gift that I get for Darin every year. This year however, nothing has met my expectations. Any by corny, I mean that one thing that is simple, silly and cute and just perfect. I don't spend much, but it's straight from the heart and usually somewhat "homemade".

The first year we were together, we were living in the apartment on Whittier. I sent him this Message in a Bottle from Timeless Message.

 It was pretty cool. I got to choose the bottle and because I am a cheapskate, he got this one... the cheapest one, clear and square, although I did think about getting the cute heart shaped one for $100..

not for long, but I did consider it. I personalized the message rather than pick one they had, they had some good ones, but I wanted it to be from the heart. It was pretty cool. I don't think he really was expecting anything, and I think I really surprised him.

The second year, we were in the apartments on Garfield, I made a CD for him and a nice dinner.

The third year, we had just moved into the motorhome, we parked it behind Darin's parents house and were getting ready to move to Wyoming. I didn't think we were going to be together. We were "together", but Darin was in Wyoming and I was in Idaho. We had just gone to Wamsutter the week before and were staying with my parents in their 5th wheel so that Darin could attend his safety meetings in Rawlins for Hyland. I had gone home to Idaho with Mom and Dad for a few days because Darin thought that he was going to have to train immediatley after for a few days and couldn't come. I left him a sweet little card and some candy... nothing really impressive that year. It turned out that he couldn't train because his drug test hadn't come back yet and he got done with his training the day before. So long story short, Darin decided to go to Idaho. There was a pretty good storm, so he decided to go through Utah. On a good day, it's onOutlaly about a 5 hour drive. The roads were so bad that he could only drive 45 to 50 mph almost the whole way. It took him about 11 hours to get to Idaho Falls. Anyhow, it was really nice to be together and I get the best present of all that year.... to be with him :o)

The fourth year, we were living in Rock Springs in the house. We had been in Rock Springs for about a year. It had been almost 2 months since Mom passed away and Kooper was born. If I remember correctly, Dad came over to Rock Springs and we wen't to the Outlaw and had dinner. I believe I got him a ZZ Top CD, but I could be mistaken.

The fifth year, I made Darin a 10 reasons I love you book. It was corny and I think I even posted it on here. If you go back in my archives, you could probably find it. It has 10 pages with a picture and a corny reason that I love him :o)

The sixth year.... this year, I have to say, I am at a loss. I wasn't able to find "that perfect gift" no CD, although I did contemplate making him one, he doesn't really listen to much music as he is always working. I got him a card, but I guess this year, his gift will be getting to do whatever he wants :o)

At least he gets to sleep in... we do have Church at 10, but he doesn't have to get up at 4am so that is a bonus. I am sure I will think of something to do for him.

I guess I will get to the point of this post now.... I did find this idea and I think it is fantastic. I don't know that I will do it for Valentines day, I just may do it sometime out of the blue. Just because I think it is cute and corny and it doesn't have to be Valentines Day to show him in some corny way that I love him.

I found the idea at Design Sponge. I can't make it because I just found the idea a couple of days ago and I don't have the necessary items to make it. Although I have a feeling that I will sometime in the very near future!

I will probably do it a little different. I will make a couple of little sayings like "you brighten my day", "you turn me on" or some corny saying. I may even put one of those little battery lights at the bottom so that you can light it up.... See why I don't have time to make this! I have to many additional ideas to go with it.

So I guess there is always next year and for this Valentines Day, I will just write him a corny letter about how much I love him and how I am thankful for him.

Hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day :o)

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