February 17, 2010

A little reminder.....

As I have mentioned before, I love the "next" button on blogger. I have been taken to many blogs that I frequent often. I came across this one today and was so touched. It isn't an easy story to read, but it does have a good outcome. It is about a Utah family who's 16 month old drowned in the bathtub while Mom walked into the other room to get her other child some clothes.

We all know that you should NEVER leave a child alone in the tub, but it does happen. I hope that by sharing this with others, that it will remind someone the next time they want to just peek around the corner and grab that towel they forgot to bring in the bathroom or answer the phone they left in the front room because you know it's your husband and he's going to keep calling till you answer and if you don't he will think something is wrong and worry..... you can get the towel after you get them out of the tub... let them drip on the floor for a minute. It is worth cleaning it up don't you think..... Let the phone ring, let him keep calling, he will thank you that you didn't answer it and didn't put your child in danger.

It only takes ONE TABLESPOON of water for a child under 3 to drown... ONE TABLESPOON!!!

So go read the Staker family story on their blog HERE. Now go hug your babies and tell them you will never leave them alone in the bathtub!

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