August 21, 2009

Moving AGAIN!

We got approved for a loan for a new double wide and some land :D YEAH! So I drove over to Belfield today to pick out some land. I just have to finish the paperwork and get the inspector over and do a few little things. Monday Darin and I will drive to Mandan, we have to be there at 9:30 am to sign the papers and waaalaa! DONE! We are so excited... not really the whole moving thing again, but the new house and land and the whole package. No more lot rent!!!! YEAH :D


  1. Congrats, sounds like a good thing. We are moving back to vernal. I'm so excited but hate the packing of boxes. Good luck with everything.

  2. Yuck! I hate moving too! But am excited as well.

  3. I am happy things are working out for you guys up there...Miss ya tons tho!!!