July 25, 2009

Random pictures

Here are some random pictures on the camera of North Dakota. I haven't really got the camera out much, but I will be making it a point to more often. I should have taken it to the Church Picnic today. We had it at Lions Park at Patterson Lake Recreation Area. It was pretty cool. Next time I am there I will have to take some pictures.

Here is just a random picture of the sky. They have the fluffiest clouds I have ever seen here. They seem to go on and on and on for days. They are so huge. They seem to fill up the whole sky.This is a picture of a hang glider or whatever you call them that fly's by the house every once in a while. This is the second or third time we have seen one since we moved here two weeks ago. This time there were two of them. Looks like a lot of fun. It sure was a beautiful day for flying.

These pictures were taken from the front porch. They were flying to the East of our house. There is a field to the East of us with a drilling rig in the middle of the field then there is a farm at the end of the field. You will see the farm in the last picture.
I don't know what is in the background of this picture. It looks like a church in the middle of a field. It's probably something like a power substation or something to do with the drilling rig in the picture below.Here is the drilling rig. When you sit on the front porch, you can hear it running. It's really quiet and actually kinda calming to listen to.Here is the farm at the end of the field. I don't think it's a very big farm, but it's pretty cool. It doesn't stink at all which is nice. Every once in a while you can hear an animal but not very often.

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  1. Looks like south dakota!!! :) glad you are settling in and the branch is nice...They are pretty cool in the smaller towns...Things are same ole same old here..need to update my blog too!!!! Miss you so much...hugs!