July 22, 2009

All moved in

Well, we have sucessfully gotten to Dickinson, ND and survived the tornados the week we moved and finally have internet. Now we are just awaiting our central air, it was supposed to be here Monday. Hopefully it will get here soon. It sure seems hot with just the windows open and the breeze coming in. But I am thankful that we have a beautiful house to live in and the wind to cool it down. At least the wind doesn't blow like it did in Rock Springs.

Kooper and I went to the park today. I always thought that slides scared him because we would go on them once and he wouldn't have anything to do with them after that, but apparently, he must just think they are boring because I took him to a park that has a slide three stories high, didn't think he would want to go down it, but he did. I figured we would be leaving after because he was so scared and crying, oh no... not my child... he LOVED IT!!!! My little thrill seeker. We had to go down the slide at least 10 more times. He says "Mom, big slide" when he wants to go back. Too funny... I don't let him go down by himself cuz I'm too afraid, but I'm sure he would like to if I would let him.

I will have to post some pictures of the house and the area. It really is pretty here. Quite the change from Rock Springs. We have a field accross the street from us. They have a little farm with some animals. There are lots of fields just outside of town. Lots of different crops too. Some potatoes, feeder hay, barley, oats, and corn too.

Darin took us over to Killdeer yesterday. It's about 34 miles away, it's a small little town. Just outside of Killdeer was the Buttes and an Indian Reservation. Next time we go for a drive, I will have to take my camera. The valley's in the Buttes were pretty cool.

It's so strange to see trees and green green lawns and lots of gardens... Reminds me of Idaho :D

I will try to keep up to date on posting. Since my computer won't turn on, I wont be online very much. I don't like using Darin's laptop very much, but I will if I have to. I will eventually get a new computer when we can afford to, then I will be able to do my scrapbooking again YEAH :D so until then will just have to wait to do any more scrapbooking. :(

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