May 26, 2009


So I decided to sit down and take the time to put all my finished layouts onto a slide. This way You can see them all in one place rather than filtering through my posts! I have 21 completed so far. I printed them off to put in a scrapbook for Darin for his birthday gift tomorrow. This way he can put it in his semi and will always have a piece of home with him when he's not home.

I can hardley believe he will be the big four 0 tomorrow! Pretty crazy! Hopefully he will have a good birthday. He bought a lottery ticket in Idaho and they draw the numbers tomorrow. He is so funny... He says what would we do if we won the lottery? I'm thinking " like you need to even ask that question" I know what we'd do... Blow it all!!! LOL

I'll keep you posted on the results of that k.

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