April 16, 2009

Review of The Gift of Psalms

I have finally got a chance to do the review for this book. I have been meaning to get to this. I was extremely impressed with everything about this book. It is wonderfully constructed from front cover to the beautiful paper. You just want to pick it up and read and never put it down! The passages are wonderful alone, but then you get to read the devotionals along with a prayer. Each one is uplifting and inspirational. I loved the fact that it came with CD's so I could listen to them when I didn't have the time to read but needed to hear the inspiration. I would have liked to have them all on CD's, however most were. I would recommend this to any one, Psalms is a wonderful section of the bible filled with awesome reading... This is a great read for anyone in need of some inspiration in their life. It would make a wonderful gift.

I keep this on my bedside table and will read it over and over again. Beautifully written and read on CD.

I was quite surprised to see the names/faces of some of the readers. I originally thought it would be no name people. I was impressed to find I knew or knew of them all.

Book Description:

Experience beloved Scripture passages as read by the world’s finest talents!
The Psalms, more than any other book in all of Scripture, give voice to the human experience of God. The Gift of Psalms book beautifully presents excerpts from 50 of the best-loved Psalms with stirring devotions to inspire you and connect you more deeply with God.
Three CDs include 30 spoken Psalms from The Word of Promise™ Old Testament Audio Bible, enhanced by a fully orchestrated music score and devotional content, read by the world's finest talent, including: Jason Alexander, Joan Allen, Sean Astin, Richard Dreyfuss, Harry Hamlin, Marcia Gay Harden, Stacy Keach, Jesse McCartney, Malcolm McDowell, Gary Sinise, and Michael York.

Check back with me Monday the 27th for my review of The Noticer!

The next book.... another Max Lucado... "His Name is Jesus"

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