March 15, 2009

"Bye shoo"

Our neighbor Paul and his family are so wonderful! Ever holiday, they bring Kooper a little gift bag full of goodies and gifts. Paul stopped by tonight and brought Kooper a super cute shirt and shorts outfit and a St. Patricks Day book. While Paul was at the door getting ready to leave, Kooper sat by his feet and started pointing to his shoe saying "hi shoo" and then when he was leaving he told the "shoo's" bye and Paul waved each foot while Kooper told them bye! Paul is such a great neighbor! Kooper is so much fun right now, and a big terror too, but the fun totally outweighs the terror (most times)!


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  2. Your little guy is so funny. Sounds like he keeps u on your toes. You have the funniest stories about him. He reminds me of my kid always busy and has funny little saying.