January 14, 2009

Book Review ~ For The Tough Times ~ Max Lucado

"When all that is good falls apart, what can good people do?" -PSALM 11:3

This is the very first thing that you will read in this book. What a profound question.

This was my first Max Lucado book, but definitely not my last. I found this book very inspiring and comforting. It opened my eyes to some of the most common questions and many new thoughts. It inspired me to open my bible and follow and read along.

I would recommend this book to anyone and would give it as a gift to everyone. A must read for all ages. Short but stunning ~ I urge everyone to pick up a copy of this book.

If you are going or been through a tough time or not.... It will be an inspiration to you all. Not just those that are currently going through a tough time, but it will inspire those who are content with life.

This little book packs a big punch. It makes you realize that God is everywhere at all times. When tragedy strikes, when your marriage falls apart, your family or friends are taken from you, when you’ve lost everything and you’re asking how could God allow such a thing? Is He really in control? What is He thinking? Can I really put my faith in Him to take care of this?

These are questions that we all ask. In this book you will find the answers and learn how to request God's peace and understanding.

Ending with a prayer titled "Do It Again, Lord. A Prayer for Troubled Times" You will finish this book with a tear in your eyes and a smile in your heart and your face. Awaiting your reunion with him. Click here to be taken to product details or purchase.

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