December 12, 2008

Well, I guess I haven't updated for a while. Halloween day, Darin got hurt at work. He ruptured a disc in his neck. So he's been off work since. He just had surgery Monday the 8th and is doing pretty good. He is getting pretty tired of sitting around and is ready to get better. He really misses picking up Kooper and playing with him. He isn't able to lift anything over 5 pounds. So all of the sudden, everything is soooooo heavy :) lol. Just kiddin.

He has a checkup with the doctor next Wednesday. Dr. Jenkins will show him pictures of his new disc and explain a little bit about the surgery and so forth and check to see how everything is going.

Kooper has really been a trooper throught this whole thing. He really loves his daddy and misses climbing all over him too. I can't believe only 15 more days till he's TWO!!! Where has the time gone??? He is growing into a little boy. I miss the baby but am loving the toddler. He is potty training so well. He loves to sit on the potty. I'm sure you have seen the Michael Phelps commercial where he rips off his pants like warm-ups... Well, that is Kooper with his diaper. He puts both hands on the top and pulls straight down and runs for the potty. It is really too cute.

He is sleeping so well. He used to really fight going to bed, but anymore, you put him down with his bear (oh yeah... that is new too... Kooper has NEVER had a clingy thing that he couldn't go without, until now, he has to have "bear" to cuddle to at night) and he goes night night so well. I made him a CD with some music to help soothe him. A lot of the music was music that I used to sing to him when I was pregnant. I still sing to him but he usually says "mom mom mom" while patting my face. I think this is his "nice" way of telling me to shut up. So I never took voice lessons!

I have my Christmas cards all filled out and ready to go... as soon as I get the addresses put on. I know my list is somewhere. I haven't done a single bit of shopping. I think I'm going to be shopping on Christmas Eve thinking.... Really tomorrow.... Wow. I thought I had more time.

I have no idea what anyone is getting. Not a clue. I wish people would just tell me 5 things that they want or need. Is this really so hard people. Or would you rather get nothing or that stupid gift that I'm going to have to get on Christmas Eve only because is was all they had left!

Hopefully I can get it together. I at least got the tree up and decorated. I almost didn't put one up again this year. But Kooper is getting older and I can't let him suffer and not enjoy Christmas just because of me and my selfishness. Besides, Mom wouldn't want me to hate Christmas... It was her favorite time.

Well.... Good luck to you all on your shopping. I am going to try to think of something to get Darin. Although he has already told me we aren't getting anything for eachother. I will find something. Some gummy worms or something silly.


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