July 2, 2008

Salt Lake Airport

We went to Seattle, Washington in June for Kayla's Graduation. We decided to fly.
Dad was telling Kooper about flying and showing him in the Airport what it was like.
Kooper did really well, for the most part.

On our way to Seattle, we stopped in Boise to drop off / pick up people. Kooper did really well (translation... he slept). When we were decending into Seattle however, Kooper woke up and was a little grumpy. It was quite a long decent and it was really bothering his ears. Luckily, Mom had some gum (one piece) and we managed to make it last for a half hour (little bites at a time) until we landed.

Once we landed, Tod, Karen, Sheyanne, and Jazmine were waiting for us at the airport. We went and picked up our luggage and rented a Chrysler 300 (without the hemi :( lets just say we were more than disapointed in the car).
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